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NJ Police Academies

This is the first posting for NJ Police Academies. Anytime NJ-Police-Recruit.com learns of any news that will have any kind of bearing for law enforcement candidates with regard to any police academy in NJ, it will be found here.

Every police academy in New Jersey has a website. I recommend that job seekers monitor these websites. Some of them conduct county-wide testing for police officer positions in departments throughout the municipalities that they represent. These tests are administered at the police academy and are a requirement by many police agencies around the state. These exams also serve as the entrance exam for candidates wishing to sponsor their own training to become NJ Police Officer Certified in a program called “Alternate Route Program”.

It is very important to monitor each academy’s website in order to not miss any testing opportunities. With over 25,000 NJ residents looking to become police officers at any given time, it is imperative to take tests at any academy that is conducting one. Depending on your financial status and where you are in life, if you can get into an Alternate Route program at any academy in NJ, it’s worth the traveling expense. Alternate Route candidates have a better chance of being hired over a candidate with no prior training due to extreme budget cuts in just about every department around the state. This isn’t to say that you must be certified already, but it will definitely give you an edge.  

You can find a complete listing of NJ police academies on this website on the “Agency Profiles” page under the heading Police Academy. 

Much more information on this topic can also be found in the book sold on this website titled, “How to Become a New Jersey Police Officer or State Trooper”.

As of this first publishing, there is already major news worth reporting and sad news at that.

The Burlington County Police Academy is closing. The County Freeholders have announced that funding will no longer be made available leaving the academy with an expense that it will not be able to handle. It has not closed yet, and I am hoping that they find the financing to continue to stay open. You can read more on this story in the April edition of Cops magazine on page 32.

The Trenton Police Academy is in the same boat. However they will stay open for in-service training which is annual training for active working police officers. You can read further about this academy closing in the March edition of Cops magazine on page 18.

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