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NJ Civil Service Commission

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NJ police agencies located within municipalities, counties, and state organizations that are designated as Civil Service, hire new employees through the State of NJ Civil Service Commission.  The Civil Service Commission is a State of NJ agency created and governed by Title 4A of the NJ Administrative Code. Meaning the basic day-to-day operations are over seen by the Director and major policy decisions and changes are determined by the NJ legislature, meaning the Governor, State Assembly and Senate when they create and vote into policy new or amended laws.    

The way it works is fairly basic. The Civil Service Commission posts job vacancies on their website as well as other media outlets. Interested candidates complete applications for open positions to the Civil Service, take any tests that may be required, and upon passing and completing whatever steps are necessary for the particular position, have their names submitted on a list to the hiring authority usually in a ranking order based on test results.

Most state government positions in New Jersey are Civil Service designated, as well as county, and some municipalities. So visiting the Civil Service website is a place to find jobs throughout many different occupations, not only law enforcement.

This is the short explanation. There are many exceptions.

The NJ State Police is NOT Civil Service designated for the position of State Trooper. The State Police hire through their own Human Resources department using their own Recruiting Unit and set their own guidelines and hire completely independent of the Civil Service Commission.   

Somerset County is not Civil Service designated for ANY of their positions including law enforcement.

For all of those interested in municipal and other policing positions, please understand the following:

Out of roughly 479 municipal police departments roughly, 182 are Civil Service. Some college police departments are also Civil Service along with most county sheriffs’ departments, most prisons and jails, county police departments, park police, etc.  You need to know if the agency you are looking at is Civil Service or NOT!

If an agency is Civil Service designated, the only way they can hire you for a Full Time Regular Police Officer position, is if you go through the Civil Service Commission process. However, these law enforcement agencies will hire for other police positions such as Special Officer Class I and II, Police Dispatcher, Records Clerk, etc. outside of the Civil Service.

So, if you send your resume to these agencies you need to know which designations they are so that you follow the proper channels.

The Civil Service Commission tests every TWO years for the position of Police Officer. They announce and test using the title: Entry Level Law Enforcement Examination. All of the information you need to know is on their website.   For most law enforcement police officer positions, you must be under 35 years of age at the close of the announcement. Read the “Maximum Age Requirements” brochure for better clarification along with the exceptions for the rule.

Fore much more information on this topic, you can purchase the book, “How to Become a New Jersey Police Officer or State Trooper”.  Additionally, you should read all available information at the Civil Service Commission website and especially, the Frequently Asked Questions (faq) section.

The Civil Service Commission is announcing the next law enforcement exam on June 1, 2010 with an approximate test date of Fall 2010.

DO NOT miss this date or test!

For a complete listing of New Jersey police agencies and their hiring designation, visit http://NJ-Police-Recruit.com/nj-agency-profiles.html

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